Spring Sweater & Sandals

April 12, 2014

//Lilly Pulitzer sweater and scarf//Lauren Conrad jeans//Michael Kors sandals via Poshmark and watch//Marley Lilly bracelet//Louis Vuitton bag via Women's Closet Exchange//Baublebar monogram necklace//

Riding the Fence

April 7, 2014

"Anyone who isn't with me opposes me, and anyone who isn't working with me is actually working against me." -Luke 11:23

Are you struggling with an issue today? Fickle with friendships, problems in relationships, fighting old habits? Jesus wants you to fully stand with Him. If you aren't sure about a situation, research the bible and pray about it. God will direct your steps to recovery. If you understand what you should be doing, but keep making the same bad choice…Jesus stated in Luke 11:23 that if you aren't fully with him, then you are against him. You can't ride the fence. We all make mistakes, that isn't the issue here. (Jesus died to pay for all of your shortcomings!) The problem comes when you aren't making the effort to do what's right after continuing to fall to sin. Everyday is a new beginning. God's emergency line is open for you 24/7. Don't work against God because of your own stubborn selfishness. Let Him help you. Let Him guide your life. Once you let go of all that second guessing and corner cutting, the sooner God will give you a boost off of that fence and on to greener pasture.

Monogrammed Shoe Clips

April 4, 2014

I am obsessed with these absolutely gorgeous monogrammed shoe clips c/o Elena Bautista!!! They are so versatile, classy, and very well made. These clips can be used in various ways...I spruced up my old Target flats for this post, but you could put them on sandals, heels, bags, and even use them as jewelry!? Working with Elena has been wonderful, as well. So attentive to detail and professional! I was able to be part of the entire process from the design proofs to receiving them on my doorstep. Elena's Bespoke Collection of personalized jewelry is beautiful STUNNING! She offers many more lovely pieces on her website! Read more about Elena Bautista, the premiere jewelry designer, here.

*Elena's Instagram pic below shares the many ways to style your shoes with these gorg clips...especially with Lupe Saenz shoes!!! I've got my eye on those fabulous sandals!!!*

//shoe clips c/o Elena Bautista//J.Crew gingham oxford//Loft pants//Old Navy cardigan//Francesca's belt//Kate Spade glasses/Louis Vuitton bag via Women's Closet Exchange//Marley Lilly bow bracelet//Baublebar monogram necklace//Target flats//MK watch//pearl earrings via Hawaii//

I encourage you to check out all of Elena Bautista's designs via her  

Nerium = Real Results Really Free!

March 31, 2014

Me with my gorgeous 94 year old grandma Mothers Day 2013.

When I hit 25 in 2011 I found myself struggling with major skin problems. Lifeguarding for 7+ years prior and pregnancy hormones didn't help either… Since then I have tried anything I could to get rid of cyst-type pimples and eczema-type rashes around my mouth. I have tried getting the "dry ice" treatment (several times), harsh lotions, gentle lotions, toners, home remedies, food changes, and many many trips to the dermatologist office. Not until I found Neirum, did I see REAL RESULTS!!! 
Just because you don't have wrinkles, does not mean Nerium won't work for you. No matter the age, be the REAL you with Nerium today! I would not share my story if I didn't believe in this product. Not only have I seen my face clear up with in just a few days, but I've seen my stretch marks on my belly diminish in weeks! Others are seeing their scars (acne and other), age spots, dry skin (even on your feet), rosacea, and more disappear before their eyes! My skin feel and looks healthier than ever and I look forward to putting my day and night cream on!

See more of my results (besides the stretch mark pic below) here and here.

Guess what? 
You can even get the day cream FREE FOR LIFE!?!?

Interested in having the confidence in rocking a makeup-less face??? (well, a little mascara never hurt lol) Purchase Nerium and use for 30 days and if you don't like it, send back empty bottles and all for a full refund!!! Love it and you can get your product for free!
Contact me via the form found on 

But hurry, because the day cream FREE FOR LIFE promo ends today at midnight!!!

Would love to share my love of Nerium with you! Would love it even more for you to join my team!!! Contact me soon!

Thanks to Rosie Nellies for this gorg Vera Bradley bag! It is attached to my hip with all of my Nerium goodies!

Fitness Friday "Transformations"

March 28, 2014

Fitness to me has been part of my life ever since I can remember. From being in dance for 7 years, mulitple sporting teams throughout adolescents, then into collegiate volleyball playing and coaching, all the way to training for a half marathon into 8 weeks of pregnancy. Being active has been a normal thing for me. That all changed when I had a baby. The hours I had used for fitness suddenly didn't exist anymore. My energy level tanked and my willingness to put in the extra time plummeted...being a working wife/momma, blogger, coach, and singer didn't help my time crunch and lack of energy either. I shed the majority of my baby weight by breastfeeding and ended up losing the rest of my 60+ lbs from pregnancy weight from illnesses that hit me harder from crazy hormones. (migraines & Irritable Bowel Syndrome). Once those things leveled out last year, my weight went up. Around last November I decided to join Haley & her fit sisters along for a few online challenges. With Haley as my coach, I was able to shed the extra pounds and add the muscle I used to have. 

My fitness journey is not an obsession and not a race. My goal has always been to get and stay strong for myself and my family and get back to the active lifestyle I had before having Rypken. I haven't gotten back into running yet because of my time constraints still...but I have strapped my tap shoes on from time to time, and used TurboFire, YouTube videos, and Pinterest workouts (and lots and lots and lots of pushups) to get my body shaped up. It is not perfect and will never be...but my goal of becoming stronger is happening! I've went a few weeks with being sick and not eating right, but did not let that detour me from getting back on the wagon. Whether or not the scale goes down, if your drive is still there you will keep seeing results!

I encourage you to get back not the wagon even if you fall off countess times!

Spring has Sprung

March 26, 2014

//Lilly Pulitzer Murfee scarf vis Miss Janice//Louis Vuitton bag & Theory tunic via Women's Closet Exchange//J.Crew Matchstick jeans//Jack Rogers sandals via Poshmark App//Kate Spade glasses//Marley Lilly bow bracelet//Coach bangle//MK watch//Hawaiian pearl earrings//

This Missouri weather is constantly changing… I'm just hoping warmer weather is sticking around!

Mantra Monday

March 24, 2014

Look for the joy in your day!

May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit. -Romans 15:13

Fitness Friday

March 22, 2014

Well, better late than never. I've been slacking on Fitness Friday/#FlexFriday posts lately.  I was sick with a sinus infection, then had parent teacher conferences… So, I'm back! Here are a few of my at home workouts from the last couple of weeks. Thank you Lord for the warmer weather!

Navy is my Neutral

March 16, 2014

//J.Crew turtleneck & skirt//Old Navy tights & bow ring//Target flats//Walmart (girls' section) quilted jacket//Baublebar monogram necklace//MK watch//

"Navy or Nothing" -Mackenzie Horan 

This seems to be a running theme for me lately. Navy has definitely been my winter neutral.

Live Happy

March 12, 2014

photo source

It is easy to live out your day by looking at everything with the glass half empty. Having a 9-5 job, seeing the same people, doing the same things...it all can get you in a rut. Especially if your winter has been as grueling as our Missouri weather! The next time you start feeling those negative/blah feelings, pray for some joy to give you a pep in your step! Don't let another person's opinions, a bad situation, or an annoying issue drag you down. BE YOU no matter the consequences. God made only one of you for a reason...Use your different gifts positively and you never know who you might bless! Choose to look for happiness and choose to give some happiness to someone!

 By using the hashtag #happyacts, you'll contribute to a movement where the world can see how small actions build into others where happiness is not common, but celebrated! By posting an act of happiness to the site's virtual wall, you are also helping to create happiness for others! For every post to our virtual wall, we [Nerium] will donate $1 to Big Brothers, Big Sisters of America (up to $25,000)! -via Rebekah Lotz

I so enjoy working for a company that gives back and sets an example of improving lives...not only by giving confidence back with great skin on the outside, but by focusing on what really matters...the inside. You can visit my Nerium website at www.jmclain.nerium.com and my Live Happy website at www.jmclain.mylivehappy.com to learn more about March 20th, the International Day of Happiness!!!

My Fave Red Carpet Diva: Amy Adams

March 5, 2014

Seriously, anyone who wears navy this much deserves some sort of color award!!! I want to be her friend only on the basis of wearing navy. As one of my favorite bloggers, Mackenzie Horan, says, "Navy or nothing." Amy Adams, thank you…thank you.

Nerium's Red Carpet Excitement

March 2, 2014

My favorite part of most award ceremonies is watching the red carpet reports before the show actually starts! You too? The Academy Awards are tonight and I cannot wait to see all of the gorgeous dresses, but for the first time, I am more excited to see which celebrity falls in love with Nerium! It is the exclusive skincare of the 86th Academy Awards! How exciting, right?!?!?! Nerium is becoming more and more main stream and I am so blessed to be part of it and you can too! 

Celebrities seem to get all of the good stuff for free in their award show grab bags…Now we can ALL get Nerium for free!!! Time to even the playing field!

Below are MY newest results! I have still been using Nerium to erase my eczema-type rashes around my mouth and dissipate the deep wrinkle on my forehead…but the area of my body that I've put Nerium on as an afterthought has seen HUGE results in just 20 days!?!?
(same room, same camera, no tanning/sunless tanning, no weight fluctuation, no photoshop…just REAL results!)

Want a sample? Want to know how to get it for free? Want to join my fabulous team and get paid close to $100 in just the first half week like I did? Email me!

Gain confidence in your skin today!

Navy, Red, & Monograms {Grateful Bags}

March 1, 2014

My newest collaboration makes me so happy! Grateful Bags is such a classy and professional brand that I am so blessed to be sharing!  I mean really, all I need to say is: Bags with interchangeable monograms. Done and done.

Guess what??? Use the promo code--> SPRING and receive a 40% discount on the entire site and free shipping!!!!!!!! 

The lovely "Haley" bag is what I am sharing with you. I mean, you cannot go wrong with a good crossbody and the fact that there is a navy acrylic monogram just makes me giddy! 

The great thing about Grateful Bags is that they are so versatile! You can dress Jenny's bags up or down and they still look fabulous!

outfit 1: //J.Crew skirt & oxford//Kate Spade glasses//Marley Lilly bracelet//
outfit 2: //Old Navy sweater & socks//American Eagle jeggings//Walmart jacket//LL.Bean boots//Kate Spade glasses//Baublebar necklace//MK watch//

 A few Instagram shots:
I encourage you to go check out all of the amazing styles Grateful Bags offers! The best part is that you can just get extra monograms to change up the look of the bag! With the 40% off code you could even splurge and get a few different colors!